All For One Gaming

We love and live digital and that’s why we play the way we do!

In 2019, an idea became a concept and a concept became an exciting project in which our players fascinate and inspire us again and again with their outstanding performance. It all started with League of Legends, and in the meantime, we have also sent a Rocket League Team into battle. And our successes speak for themselves: our League of Legends team holds its own in Division 2. In Rocket League, you’ll find us fighting for the crown in Division 1. However, all of this is only possible because we get to work with motivated and dedicated players, whom we encourage and challenge in a professional environment and who feel at home at the All for One Group. We rejoice together over successes and feel together with the fortunately rare, pain of defeat. The same goes for our fans, who have been with us from day one.

All For One Group

Every day at All For One Group 2500 experts give their all to increase the competitiveness of our customers. We gather together the deciding factors from among the facets of competitive advantage to support over 3000 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland in transforming their companies and strengthening their competitiveness.

And then there is this unique spirit. The special for and togetherness. We are convinced that this is what makes a job a piece of home. And us to the leading consulting and IT group.

Customer is our first priority

The market environment is increasingly expanding and the world digitising. This means that the fields of action are both large and varied, ranging from new work to intelligent ERP, and customer experience down to IT operations.

Our goal is to offer first-rate expertise in every field of action and on every subject that where our customers are working. To do this, All For One Group has different, specialised subsidiaries and units to combine all relevant competencies – strategy and management consulting, process consulting and industry and technology expertise with IT consulting and services – under one roof.

We are certain that our customers have an advantage when we integrate all services and provide them from a single source. We highly value this approach and in equal measure the networks and interplay of our specialists. This is because individual fields of action often can be separated in day-to-day business.

All For One Group has promoted this line of thinking since April 2019: its specialised subsidiaries and units continuously work to expand their individual expertise while taking a coherent approach to work together under the umbrella of All For One Group. Each subsidiary or unit has a coherent outward identity and more specifically a common goal of making each customer number one in its respective market. This is our vision and personal challenge. The concentrated expertise of All For One Group puts its customers are always one idea ahead of their competitors.


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