The most important part of an esport organization are, of course, the players! For the Spring Split 2024 we employed new players and here you can get to know them a bit more.

During the last bootcamp they were visiting our office in Dortmund and we took the chance to interview all of them before the split about the start of their journey, who keeps them going and what they hope to achieve with us at All for One Gaming. Get a look behind the scenes and have a listen to what they have to say!

Rem – Top Lane

Rem started playing League of Legends because of old friend. They got their first computer and started playing the game. They were invested and wanted Rem to also get a computer and start playing with them. He started looking up to BrokenBlade, the current Top Laner for G2 Esports. This split he wants to grow as a player, get closer as a team and see how far they can go.

Pasu – Jungle

Pasu started playing in Season 3 at the age of 8 because of his brother. He mentioned that he didn’t have much fun at the beginning, but after a couple of years he really started enjoying League of Legends. He’s looking up to Jankos and even calls him the greatest of all time for the european server. Pasu wants to make esport part of his life and he sees All for One Gaming as his chance to show his skills.

Fooneses – Mid Lane

Fooneses started playing after watching his brother play the game with his friends and he thought the game looked great and wanted to try it himself. As a midlaner he is looking up to Showmaker, especially since he was quite dominant during his time with the team Damwon. As it is his first split in Division 2 of the Prime League he wants to proove himself, show that he can stand his ground and play good League of Legends as a team.

Kazing – AD Carry

At first, Kazing was playing League of Legends with his friends very casually. After climbing the ranks, they started playing in tournaments and Kazing felt like, this could be an area where he could really improve and show his skills. He is looking up to Deft, because he is a very good player but Kazing especially likes his mindset of never giving up, the “Unbreakable Spirit”. This split he wants to win a lot of games and says that we can achieve that by learning from our mistakes and not being afraid to make mistakes.

Nukes – Support

Nukes started playing because of his friends. They were playing the game and he was the last one to discover it. He thought the game looked quite boring at the beginning, but after playing the game it was really interesting. He has been looking up to Faker since Worlds in Season 3, which makes Faker his Idol for the last 11 years. Personally he wants to work on his weakpoints at All for One Gaming and help the team to get as good as possible.