After promoting from division 3 in the last split, it was with a lot of excitement and eagerness that we started our new journey into the 2024 prime league spring split about two months ago, in January. With a complete overhaul of players and coaching staff and therefore many new names in the team, our main focus was on establishing a strong foundation for the future. A foundation that gives the group of players all the tools they need to develop and flourish into a functioning team.

Even though we started with a newly formed roster and had a lot of things to work on, we still wanted to be a force to be reckoned with. Looking at the strong skillset of our individuals, we saw an opportunity and a chance to also be a contender for the playoff race.

As the season progressed, the team showed good performances and teamwork but in some games also struggled to close it out or find the right decisions in the important moments. After the first six match days and three 1-1 weeks in a row, the team came together for a mid-season bootcamp in the 1337 camp in Waiblingen. Sadly, we didn’t find the perfect form there and had to concede our first 0-2 week, also losing to one of our direct competitors for the playoff spot in EPIC DUDES.

Matchday 10 was one of the toughest points in the whole season as we lost to WeSports, one of the bottom teams of the league. We than went on to lose to Kaufland as well and conceded our fifth loss in a row. Standing near the bottom of the scoreboard with a score of 3-8 the team was devastated.

Against many expectations we managed to fight back, winning games against Rossmann, ECO, EPIC DUDES and even one of the best teams in the league in Spinebusters at the last playday. Sadly, all the efforts came a bit too late. Although having the same number of wins and losses as Direct Rising, we lost the direct comparison because of our worse second half of the season. In the end this meant we don’t get the chance to play playoffs this season.

The disappointment was palpable as the reality of the near miss set in. Yet, amidst the heartbreak, there is also a sense of pride in the accomplishments. The team has proven themselves as a formidable contender, even against the strongest contenders in the league. And while the playoffs might have slipped through their fingers this time, the experience would only serve to fuel the hunger for success in the seasons to come.