After successfully finishing Summer Split 2023 with a 13-1 scoreline on top of the division 3.1 leaderboard, we had to sadly say goodbye to our head coach Reclamation and our positional coach Muter in September, who both were looking to take on a new challenge in another environment. Thanks to a great performance from the rest of our team and staff members, we still managed to get to the Top-16 of the Prime League Pokal.

Now, after several talks, we are happy to have finally found the perfect successors for our coaching staff. Just like last season, we will be starting with not just one coach but a duo. Timo “fill or feed” Rick will take over the role of head coach while his partner Josias “Rick the Savage” Preik will be our strategic coach for the upcoming Spring season.

Stategic Coach Josias about joining All for One Gaming and his goals with the team:
Timo and I decided to look for new organizations during the off season. All for One Gaming caught our attention early on as a well-structured organization that works very thoroughly and goal-oriented. We are looking forward to building a team that can consolidate our position in the second division. As a strategic coach, I will do everything I my power to prepare the team and present good League of Legends. You should definitely tune in when we match off against our opponents!

Having worked with teams like WeSports and DIVIZON in the 2nd division of Prime League in the past, they have shown that they can definitely be a force to be reckoned with. In their first few weeks in the team, Timo and Josias have already shown a great deal of passion and commitment to prepare us optimally for the challenges ahead. We are excited and looking forward to working with coaches as talented and dedicated as the both of them. The expertise and dedication they bring are exactly the elements that will lead to a successful season.

We can’t wait to be on the rift together!