After finishing the last split on top of the division 3.1 table with a 13-1 score and successfully finding our way through the playoffs, we have made it back into division 2! We started scouting and try outing players for the new split in October 2023. This process was very intense but also exciting and much needed to guarantee that we find the perfect fit for all roles. After having collected every piece, we can now say that we have formed the best division 2 roster we could’ve hoped for.

Besides our jungler dibu with whom we now go into the third split, we have completely overhauled our roster. Lennart “Obelisk” Fix, who previously played for Atleta Esport in PG Nationals, Italys number one regional league, will be joining us as our top laner for the new season. Accompanying him on mid lane will be our youngster of the team Luca “Honest” Dohle. Luca only started playing competitively about two years ago but already brings a lot of potential and talent into the mix. We look forward to see him show what he is capable of.

On the bottom side we combined Nick “Notiko” Celombitko, a very experienced AD-Carry who played for NNO Prime in Prime Leagues 1st division last year and will help lead the young players in the right direction, with Support Marc “Ephekles” Küchler, who is best known for his flashy Rakan plays. This means our full roster for the spring split 2024 is:

Top: Lennart “Obelisk” Fix
Jgl: Janne “dibu” Heikkonen
Mid: Luca “Honest” Dohle
Adc: Nick “Notiko” Celombitko
Sup: Marc “Ephekles” Küchler

Another constant, that remained in the team and is going to accompany us in the upcoming split, is our team manager Max “Cogabrom” Schönert. Our coaching staff trio consists of  Timo “fill or feed” Rick who will take over the role of head coach, Josias “Rick the Savage” Preik as our strategic coach and Alexej “ChaoZ” Vogel as positional coach. As our substitutes we picked novyy and Mokwaii.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to prove ourselves again in the second best league in Germany this year. The likes of DKB Diamonds, HNVR Esports, Kaufland Hangry Knights and many other strong teams are already waiting for us and we can’t wait to finally start competing! The first match as a team is right around the corner as we face WeSports on Playday 1, the 16th of January 21:00 CET. Dont miss out and watch us live on! We are looking forward to your support!