After narrowly missing the promotion to division 2 last winter split, the signs pointed to a new beginning. We had to say goodbye to all our players as well as almost the full staff. Once again, we want to express our gratitude for your commitment and investment over the past season. The only constant, that remained in the team and is going to accompany us in the upcoming split, is our former assistant manager Max “Cogabrom” Schönert, that will take over the position as Team Manager.

To create a solid foundation for the team we initially began searching for coaching staff with expertise and professional competence but also a fitting personality, to guarantee a long-term and sustainable cooperation that will push us further to achieving our set goals. In the end we decided to go with Christian “Hebsgaard” Pedersenn and Stefano “Taba” Tabarelli de Fatis. Both have already gained experience on ERL 2+ level and therefore are a great fit to share their knowledge to our new players.

As a baseline for the team itself, we started to fill the topside with TemptAzn and Dibu. Both players are very experienced on ERL 2 level and form the top oriented part of the team with our new midlaner Luke, who was playing for Divizon in Division 3 last split as our opponent in the group. For the ADC position we decided to go with Hoiz. He is the former teammate of TemptAzn and was part of RATE Gaming in NLC 2 with Hebsgaard last split, so he is already acquainted with a few of his team members. To bring out the best in him on the botlane we picked Chaki as the new Support player, who convinced us with his knowledge, mindset and personality. Besides that, he is already familiar with TemptAzn and Hoiz, which makes working together way easier. As a substitute we picked Wambo, who played with WACKER for the promotion to the second division some time ago. He will accompany us on our journey and jump in, when help is needed.

This means we are more than ready for the coming spring split in Strauss Prime League. Let the games begin!