Just in time for the start of the new split in the Strauss Prime League and the upcoming Super Cup we are more than happy to present our roster for the winter split 2022:

Top: Sven “Tayto”
Jng: Jakob “Sapphire
Mid: Malik “Xoura”
Adc: Maurice “Varry”
Sup: Jeppe “Jeppehou”

In addition to the new line-up, we were also able to strengthen our staff. “Reclamation” will be the head coach and will be supported by our new managers Marec “Schnakis” and Max “Cogabrom”.

After a rather short offseason, we are looking forward to competing with this team in the new Prime League Supercup against teams like Schalke 04 Esports or WAVE. We also have our sights firmly set on our goal of “re-promotion” to Div. 2 and are confident that we will once again entertain you with an exciting League of Legends season.

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We are looking forward to your support!