Two weeks ago, All for One Gaming was invited to the EsportsConnect podcast. An exciting project that was launched at the beginning of 2021 and aims to take a deeper look at the esports scene and its surrounding topics. In the weekly podcasts, host Martin Schenk welcomes personalities from various areas of competitive gaming. This week our very own Head of Esports Harun as well as our Employer Branding and Social Media Expert Rafael had the chance to be a part of episode 22 of the podcast.

Have you ever wondered how esports and gaming can be successfully integrated into the business world? Harun and Rafael tell you exactly how this works using the example of the All for One Group and our esports branch All for One Gaming. They not only share their personal gaming experiences, but also their professional insights from the field of employer branding and reveal their strategies for integrating esports and gaming into the business.

Additionally, the podcast involves talking about the various marketing strategies we have put into practice in the past, the importance of recruiting as well as the different ways in which companies can achieve customer loyalty through esports and gaming.

Participating in the EsportsConnect podcast was an exciting and educational experience for us. We would like to thank the team at EsportsConnect for the invitation and the interesting conversations we had. We at All for One Gaming want to continue to actively participate in conversations about esports and help contribute to the continuous development of the scene, especially in Germany.

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